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Pavan SrinathPavan Srinath is the head of policy research and programmes at the Takshashila Institution. After studying biotechnology at IIT Madras, Pavan dropped out of a PhD in Biophysics, and instead started his career in policy research by working at Public Affairs Centre and Arghyam, Bangalore. He then trained in public policy at Takshashila’s Graduate Certificate in Public Policy.

Pavan has co-authored two books ‘The State of Our Cities: Evidence from Karnataka‘ (OUP 2012) and ‘Changing the Urban Face of Karnataka‘ (PAC 2012) along with several research papers and articles. He is currently working on a book that investigates the role of markets in state policies.

Pavan teaches topics in urban governance, policy analysis and data visualisation at the Takshashila Institution. He has written for Business Standard, Times of IndiaPragati–The Indian National Interest Review, Citizen Matters and others. While not being a wonk, Pavan tracks Bangalore’s weather and climate, chases after spiders and gets lost in escapist fiction.

Pavan also runs an initiative called Know Your Climate, where he is trying to build India’s first Citizen Weather Network in Bangalore, where people can put up weather stations on their roofs and join a city-wide network. You can find the latest updates from Pavan at Takshashila here.

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