Openness Policy

The Transition State strongly believes in the principles of openness and data sharing, as well a strong need to improve the contestability of information and knowledge of relevance to public affairs. It is also passionate about improving the standards of data visualisation and communication in the country. In support of this, the blog has established an Openness policy ensuring public availability of most, if not all data used for producing graphics and visualisations here.

Raw data used to create graphics on The Transition State will be made available in usable formats within a few days of content going online, and readers are welcome to request the data if there are delays.

Readers of the blog are also welcome to critique the visualisations and graphs presented on the site and come up with more compelling ways of communication using the same data. All data visualisation posts on the blog can be accessed here.

Further, all text and image content on the blog that has not been published elsewhere first will be available on a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND license 3.0.